Managers’ Report FITASC Home International 2018

We arrived at North Ayrshire SG on Friday morning, there were beautiful blue skies and looked like we were in for a fine weekend ahead. How wrong that was, it dulled down within an hour  and the heavens opened, there was torrential rain and then the winds started and by the time we vetted the targets in the afternoon the rain had settled down to just occasional showers, but the targets were bouncing about like a dingy on rough seas.

On Saturday morning it was dry again but there was still quite a wind flying around. The targets were testing to say the least and the wind added to the variety as well. But our Scottish team never gave up at any point and kept working hard and they dealt with the adverse conditions better than the other teams.

Scotland seniors finished on top position by 5 targets leaving England in 2ndplace.

Our Ladies team finished in 4thplace

Our Juniors and Vets teams finished in 2ndplace

Our Super Vets team lost out on 2ndplace by one point to finish in 3rdplace.

Well done to all team members and especially to Colin Will winning High gun of the match, and Stuart Donaldson for finishing in 3rdplace over all, and all high guns of Scotland.

The banquet at the Park hotel in Kilmarnock was excellent and we all enjoyed the evening celebrating.  Congratulations once again on your fantastic win.

FITASC Team Manager

Rose Barnes.