Manager’s FITASC Report

Dear Fellow Members,

Edith and I travelled down to the FITASC International which was held at Atkin Grant & Lang. We had a good Journey down. On Thursday we went up to the shooting ground it was great we were staying only 4 min drive away. On Friday we went back to meet the rest of the team as they arrived and were on site for the draw at 3 o’clock and checking of targets after the meeting. The heavens opened and we got hale stones, thunder & lighting.  We all met up in the evening for a team meal it was a jolly night and everyone enjoyed their meal.

Saturday came and the weather improved a bit just the odd shower during the day. The Scottish senior team led the shoot all day it was the last layout we lost by one point;

England 518

Scotland 517

N Ireland 515

Everyone shot very well;

Garry Meikle High Gun of Scotland

Edith Barnes Ladies High Gun of Scotland & 4th Lady of the Match

Bob Purvis Veteran High Gun of Scotland & runner up Veteran of the Match

Rhys Harrison Junior High Gun of Scotland & 2nd = Junior of the Match and had to shoot off but he shot off very well but came 3rd

Stewart Gordon S/Vets High Gun of Scotland & 2nd = S/Vet of the Match and after the shoot off with Lewis Balmer of N. Ireland finished 3rd S/Vet

All in all it was a good day for our shooters but my heart went out to the Seniors, so near.

Rose Barnes (FITASC Manager

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