Team Requirements


As a part of the Scottish Team Selection Procedure shooters are required to shoot in at least one compulsory Area Championship. Once a compulsory shoot score has been obtained this will be reflected in our database, for team league placement the highest score attained at an Area Championship will be used for team ranking, any other Area Championship score attained will still be used for Team selection but these scores will become ordinary selection scores.

 In addition to the four normal Area Championships the Board of the SCTA felt it was necessary to accommodate those members who live on the outlying Islands to stay engaged in the team selection process without the need to travel to the mainland on a certain date and as such we have provided these clubs the opportunity to hold one (1) Island Compulsory shoot in each discipline.

All SCTA members can if they wish also shoot at an Island compulsory shoot, the condition placed upon shooters electing to shoot an Island compulsory are that they cannot use a higher score that may be achieved by shooting at a South Area Championship. This ensures that everyone can only gain a benefit from an equal number of area compulsories (4).

If a shooter who shoots both a compulsory Island shoot and a South Area Championship only the score from the Island compulsory shoot can be used as a team ranking score although the score from the South Area can still be used as an ordinary selection score.

For the complete Team Selection Procedure please link here